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"Corporate social responsibility must be more than just that. It must be 'Responsibility Plus'.
Action on climate change redefines sustainable competitive advantage for business."

News, research, opinion and other resources for marketers, advertising, communications and public affairs specialists on politics, policy, innovation and science and how it impacts brands and reputation in the age of climate change. 

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Andrew Woodward is one of Al Gore's Climate Reality Leaders. Greatly concerned about the climate crisis, Andrew works with government, business, communities and individuals to do something about it. While Andrew sees climate change as a huge threat to mankind, he also knows management, adaptation and the clean energy revolution are huge opportunities for business and the wider community. We can survive and thrive. 


Climate Communications is a social business aimed at helping marketing, advertising, communication and corporate affairs people make sense of climate change and succeed in this incredible new business environment. Climate Communication offers a range of services to the sector including advisory, training, resources, content and contracting. This site also houses climate Climate Communications publications and resources.